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Diya Academy of Learning

Primary English Teacher

  • Posted On : 16-06-2023
  • No: of Vacancies : 3

Eligibility Criteria: Graduate with a B.A. or M.A. in English
Both male and female candidates can apply for this position

General Purpose: To prepare and provide grade-relevant learning activities that enable students to learn the principles of the English language including the rules of grammar and syntax, to develop an understanding and appreciation of literature and to advance students' verbal and written communication abilities.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Plan and prepare lesson plans that meet core objectives and principles and are in line with the curriculum goals
  2. Prepare instructional aids and supplemental teaching materials and resources consistent with learning objectives and student needs
  3. Deliver lessons using a variety of differentiated instructional techniques that are appropriate to the academic level and meet the diverse needs of students
  4. Maximize the appropriate use of technology in the classroom as an instructional tool
  5. Teach grammar and syntax, vocabulary and word usage and other principles of the English language
  6. Promote students' understanding of and appreciation for literature
  7. Develop students' verbal skills including reading out loud, discussion and debate
  8. Develop students' writing skills
  9. Encourage the development of critical thinking skills
  10. Create a safe and flexible classroom environment conducive to optimal student learning
  11. Help students to work independently and collaboratively in groups
  12. Track and monitor student learning using a variety of techniques
  13. Monitor performance and progress  and modify instructional methods to meet individual needs where necessary
  14. Keep parents or guardians informed of students' academic progress and social and behavioural issues
  15. Undertake professional development activities to ensure continued professional growth and development of teaching skills.

Interested candidates can email their resume to
Please mention:For Diya Academy of Learning in the Subject line.

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