Frequently Ask Questions

It is generally a wrong notion that your Facebook profile is a personal account. Remember, nowadays, lot of recruiters look into your Facebook profile. They look into the following points:

The type of posts you share
The type of language you use in your posts
The grammatical errors (if you make) in the sentences
The type of remarks that you pass
The kind of friends that you have
The kind of social awareness that you possess

All these make a kind of a persona which reflects to the recruiter. They take a lot of consideration and parameters before recruiting the manpower. As you will be teaching the next generation, the institutes reflect into the type of source they would consider. Facebook account is important as your posts, messages, remarks and comments everything makes a difference. The recruiter observes them minutely before they make a decision.

Hence, it is not only your interview that matter, it is your complete personality which would make the difference.
It all depends on your initiative and how well you prepare yourself for the interview. ACT helps you in facilitating and making you well equipped with the necessary tools. There are wide opportunities in India and abroad to make your career into teaching.
This is a very relative question. Salary is something which depends on lot of factors like the place you are going, the institute, the policies of the organisation, the previous salary that you were getting, your qualification, your negotiation power and many others. ACT’s program is accepted world-wide, hence definitely there will be an augmentation factor in the salary.
Definitely. We have numerous examples in the past where we have witnessed that candidates coming from different domains, carrying different field experience have been successfully placed as a teacher. With ACT's world-wide acceptance and the initiative of the placement department, we help you to actualize a teaching career.
Asian College of Teachers is a well-known name in the arena of teacher training. We have exclusive websites through which you can apply for jobs. Exclusive on campus drives happen at all the locations, where institutes are coming down and recruiting while the batches are going on.
We conduct placement drives at the ACT locations where batches are running. We do give preference in finding out a job on your preferred location. Appreciating the fact that job does not come based on location priorities, you also need to be flexible to move around. You can let us know your preference and we would do our best to find the location
Considering the international market, natives do have a preference. But the scenario is changing. Indians are being hired around the globe for their neutral accent, better speaking proficiency, highly adaptable nature and best writing skills. There are lot of countries who are hiring non-natives and ACT has successfully placed Indians in different countries. It all depends on your initiative, strong belief and your hard work.
Not really. If you are not looking to find out a job in the Govt. sector, age does not matter. If you are fit enough and deliver according to the expectations, you are well fit in the teaching world.
Canada has emerged as one of the most thriving teaching markets. There are ample job opportunities in Canada which you can find out from our job portal. Canada is a very good place to work and they recruit lot of non-native teachers.
No. Some countries and some institutes in India look for B.Ed. but it is not mandatory. Asian College has placed numerous candidates directly from campus drives who are non-B.Ed.
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