How To Prepare

We at Asian College of Teachers do our best to train and guide our students before interviews and even after interviews. We try to provide an overview of how placements are done, how to prepare introductory videos and resumes, how to answer questions in an interview and how one should look in an interview as well. We conduct a lot of webinars and Facebook lives related to placement to enlighten our students.

Below are a few notable benefits provided by the placement assistance team:

  1. How to prepare a proper Cover Letter and Resume?
  2. How to make an Introductory Video?
  3. What are the common and critical interview questions?
  4. Pre-Placement Session
  5. Live Demonstration
  6. Live Session with Industry Experts
  7. Expectations and Reality Check for Teachers

How to prepare a proper Cover Letter and Resume?

Let us first understand what a cover letter and resume is basically. A cover letter is a single paged document that offers information about an individual for the interviewer or recruiting manager. Because your cover letter will typically make the initial impression on a hiring manager, it is an important element of your application. A resume is a very detailed document which represents an individual portraying his or her professional life. A resume and cover letter go hand in hand in an application since both play a very crucial part whilst impacting a recruiting manager. A resume intrigues a recruiter to invite you for an interview. So, you might be thinking what our role here is. In this digital world we can get everything on the internet. But we give you the insights. The small yet necessary changes one must make to avoid rejection. Recruiters scrutinize everything, and if you are thinking why you did not get a call back even after being so well qualified, then these small mistakes must have done the job. Placement department provides you with sample cover letters and resumes. We also give you feedback on the ones that you have built.

How to make an Introductory Video?

Now-a-days recruiters even before calling you for an interview ask you for an Introductory Video. So, what is an introductory video? As the name suggests, it is a comprehension of your professional aspirations in an organised manner narrated by you. Almost all of us take pictures, right? But, when we think about making a video, especially a professional one, we get very nervous. ACT helps you to build up that confidence and also tells you what should be included and what not. We talk to you about the tiniest things like sitting or standing for example. We also give personal suggestions on the introductory video made by you.

What are the common and critical interview questions?

Ever wondered what are the common questions faced by interviewers and if they are so common and the answers are available then why do recruiters still ask them? It is because the recruiters assess how differently you are handling the questions, they check your perspective which gives them a sense to judge whether you are fit for the job. Coming to critical questions, it is not always a specific answer that a recruiter looks for. It is the way you cope up with the situation if you are unaware of the answer. No, we would not give you the scripted answers but we will surely give the guidance as to how you can answer those questions and how differently it can be thought of. We conduct exclusive webinars based on these topics on a regular basis.

Pre-Placement Sessions

For every batch of every course we take a pre-placement session. Here we talk about vital points related to interview, training, development, and placement, scopes in India and abroad. We motivate and enlighten our students regarding the vast ocean of opportunities available. In these sessions we polish our skilled students and make them ready to face the reality.

Live Demonstration

Our trainers assist their students with how to portray themselves in a class through live demonstration. When we think about teaching it seems very easy but in reality it is all the more tough and complicated. Using the presence of mind to tackle the situation and engaging the students so that they do not yawn in a boring math or history class is what our trainer assists you with.

Live Session with Industry Experts

We are always most convinced when we get assurance from an expert of a field. ACT understands that. So, we arrange Online Sessions with Industry Experts so that they can give you valuable information which you would not find in any google document. These sessions are exclusive and non scripted. They are spontaneous and genuine. Here, they share their success stories and the obstacles they have faced while reaching at the top.

Expectations and Reality Check for Teachers

Like a coin has two faces and even teaching has two sides. So if you are thinking it is always a relaxed career and you love children and want to make a difference in their lives by teaching them so they can implement that in their lives then trust me it is not always the same. It is a fun and interactive session conducted by us where we listen to your expectations and give you advice and hit you with the reality check. We at ACT not only train our students but prepare them to be strong and practical. We solve problems and give realistic and doable solutions. We believe teaching is all about relationships and bonding. Want to join the journey which will be learning and fun? Shake hands with us and we will always be happy to guide and assist you.

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