Webinar Feedback

Phebe beryl babu
Course : TEFL/tesol
Location : Hosur
Posted On : 16-01-2023
This webinar was really useful and i have learnt a lot on how to attend interviews and write resume. Thanks shruba mam.

Barnali Paul
Course : 400 hour International Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL and TEFL
Location : Kolkata
Posted On : 16-01-2023
Very informative.

Ramdas Mahali
Course : TESOL/TEFL 500
Location : Musabani, Jharkhand
Posted On : 16-01-2023
It was enthusiastic and the information provided to us was lucrative and is going to help us a lot to proceed further.

Rosline Sheela
Course : TEFL
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 16-01-2023
The webinar was informative.

Sofia Mathew
Course : 500 hours International Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL/TEFL
Location : India
Posted On : 16-01-2023
It was very informative. The best part was that Shruba shared her number and e-mail with the students for doubts. Since each student is unique, with different doubts and problems connecting with her separately makes sense.

S. Sudha
Course : tefl
Location : Hyderabad
Posted On : 13-01-2023
very informative

Course : ITD
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 13-01-2023
The webinar was very useful for me the apply for the jobs. The coordinator was very clear and precise with the details and gives me confident to present a good resume and introductory video.

Saima Abdul Majid Nandgaonkar
Course : 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course
Location : Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India
Posted On : 13-01-2023
I learned new things.

Deepthy PR
Course : 120 hours live webinal TEFL
Location : Kochi, Kerala
Posted On : 13-01-2023
It was very helpful. The host explained everything in a detailed manner.

Jais Varghese
Course : 120 Hour International TESOL/TEFL In-Class Certification
Location : Patna
Posted On : 13-01-2023
Very informative webinar and it reflects the concern ACT have for their trainee s.

Remya Bharathy
Course : TEFL /TESOL 120 Hrs
Location : Bangalore
Posted On : 13-01-2023
It was very helpful

Arpita Polley
Course : Certificate
Location : Howrah
Posted On : 22-12-2022
Mam is very humble and helpful

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