Webinar Feedback

Divya Bharathi Settipally
Course : TEFL/TESOL 220 Hr
Location : Hyderabad
Posted On : 17-09-2022
Unfortunately I joined very late, so I could only attend the last part which was, how to make an introduction video. There was a clear explanation with all the steps.

Lim Chian Yi
Course : Certificate in Montessori Teacher Teaching
Location : Malaysia
Posted On : 02-09-2022
The webinar was very good and informative.

Course : 120 hour
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 13-08-2022

Perpetual Dsilva
Course : TEFL / TESOL
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 13-08-2022
Was informative.

R. Shakidha begum
Course : Completed TESOL 280 hours
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 13-08-2022

Course : 220Hrs TESOL/TEFL
Posted On : 13-08-2022

Vibeena N V
Course : TEFL
Location : Kerala
Posted On : 13-08-2022
it was very informative ; learned many things which is ofcourse important to apply for job

Maitrayee Dey
Course : TESOL
Location : Hyderabad
Posted On : 13-08-2022
It was very informative.

Swati S
Course : TEFL 220 hours
Location : Cherthala, Alappuzha
Posted On : 13-08-2022
The webinar was very informative and helpful. The faculty was great..offering their help in every further step.Thank you very much.

Deepali Dwivedi
Course : Advance Diploma in TEFL
Location : Lucknow
Posted On : 13-08-2022
Wonderful and informative session.

Course : Advanced PGD in TEFL /TESOL
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 13-08-2022
Really awesome that ACT has taken initiatives in Placement in a keen level. Each and every product to be mentioned was clearly enhanced and presented in a simple way that too repeated answers were given whenever required.

Course : 120 Hour International Certification in TEFL/TESOL
Location : New Delhi
Posted On : 13-08-2022
That was a very useful webinar, I have learnt so much. Being new to this profession, there was so much that I didn t know and this webinar helped me enhancing my knowledge. Thankyou

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