Webinar Feedback

Shabna Hassan
Course : 120 hrs TEFL completed
Location : Kerala
Posted On : 26-09-2022
Am amazing session it was.Got to know more about career development and to make a wonderful cv and introductory video that would help me with my future endeavours.

Dhivya Parthasarathy
Course : ITD
Location : New Delhi
Posted On : 26-09-2022
Very informative and preparative session, clear & to the point

Pritha Dutta
Course : ITD
Location : Bareilly, UP
Posted On : 26-09-2022
Helpful information. This session made me clear about several points that I have to take care of while updating my CV and social sites presence and also how to make my profile more acceptable to the recruiters. Strong preparation make us confident and that s what we all want.

Naiomi Symes
Course : 120 Hour International TESOL/TEFL In-Class Certification Program
Location : Kolkata
Posted On : 26-09-2022
It was very informative and proved to be a great help in order to move ahead with the type of job that I would like to apply. The mode of communication was easy to understand and definitely would be a difference. The discussion on different topics such as resume, introductory video, job vacancies, etc were precise and really helpful. Thanking Shounak Sir for the webinar.

Divya Bharathi
Course : TEFL 220
Location : Hyderabad
Posted On : 24-09-2022
Webinar was very informative.

Course : International Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL/TEFL
Location : Trichy
Posted On : 24-09-2022
The webinar gave me a clear idea about the placement, how to create resume and video resume. Thank you to Shurbi mam and ACT team for arranging such a wonderful and informative session.

Course : TESOL
Location : Bangalore South
Posted On : 17-09-2022
Very good and informative

Namrata Raha
Course : 280 Hours Online TEFL / TESOL Advanced Diploma Program (BETT and YL)
Location : Kolkata
Posted On : 17-09-2022
The webinar has been resourceful and motivating.

Location : DELHI
Posted On : 17-09-2022

Naomi Starling
Course : 120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 17-09-2022
The session was highly informative. All the information was provided in a sequential and appropriate manner.

Dr Rajkumar Arunachalam
Course : Advanced PG Diploma 500 hours
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 17-09-2022
More informative and to the point.

C.L. Sampaul
Course : 220 Hours
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 17-09-2022
Thank you so much for conducting such a insightful session. Learnt something new. Thank you

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