Webinar Feedback

Aneeta Anna Abraham
Course : TEFL/TESOL and BETT
Location : Nairobi, Kenya
Posted On : 13-08-2022
Very informative and useful session.

Mansi Tiwari
Course : 500 hours TEFL
Location : Dubai
Posted On : 30-07-2022
It was very informative. They guided us very well and even the minute things were made understood.

Danya Prabhu
Course : Pre and primary teaching
Location : Bahrain
Posted On : 30-07-2022
It was very clear point to point explanation about placement. It was helpful because I am new to the teaching field. Both the Teachers were very kind.

nur khuzaimah bt umar
Course : post graduate diploma in montessori teacher training
Location : Kepong, Malaysia
Posted On : 30-07-2022
all the information given is clear and understandable

Saundravalli Seetharam
Course : 220 Hour International Diploma in TESOL/TEFL with Specializations in Business English Teacher Training Program
Location : Malaysia
Posted On : 30-07-2022
The placement webinar was highly useful as it helped me to understand how job seeking has evolved over time, especially post-pandemic. It was eye-opening as I remember the last time I applied for jobs, I wished recruiters would be willing to hear me speak before they decide purely based on CV and resume. This session has helped me to understand that times have changed and we can even send introductory videos to recruiters. I also appreciate how ACT helps us by channeling various opportunities towards us via links and job openings. Thank you for the great session.

T Divya
Course : Diploma in pre and primary teacher training
Location : Hyderabad
Posted On : 26-07-2022
Very informative

Purvi Chhatbar
Course : ITD
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 23-07-2022
Very informative and helpful

Merlyn John
Course : TEFL
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 23-07-2022
Great session. Informative. Thorough. Interactive.

Prachi Doshi
Course : 120 Hours in TEFL/TESOL
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 23-07-2022
Great experience

Course : TEFL
Location : KOZHIKODE
Posted On : 23-07-2022
Wonderful and informative session. Got a lot of valid information. Shruba and Shaunak Sir did a wonderful job. A lot of takeaways from the session. Hoping to get a teaching job ASAP in UAE.

Ponnu Felix
Course : 120 Hours TEFL/ TOESL In Class Certification
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 23-07-2022
Thank you Mr. Shaunak and Ms. Shruba for the informative and detailed placement webinar. All aspects of placement were wonderfully explained by both of you.

Radhika Bansal
Course : TEFL
Location : New Delhi
Posted On : 23-07-2022
It was really informative and all my doubts were clarified very well. Looking forward for more such webinars.

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