Webinar Feedback

Vaishali Wanjare
Course : Diploma in Pre & Primary
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 28-10-2022
I found this webinar very helpful. It was very clear with plenty of details.. Thank you for organizing such an extremely informative webinar

Kahkashan Ara
Course : PG in pre-primary and primary
Location : Kolkata,Thakurpukur, check post kol-63
Posted On : 20-10-2022
Very well explained the topic

Chandana Rohith
Course : PPTTC
Location : Bangalore
Posted On : 20-10-2022
The webinar was very useful.She explained about how to prepare resume , video and all. The webinar was very informative session.

Sanam Tabrej Inamdar
Course : PPTT
Location : Pune
Posted On : 20-10-2022
The Webinar was very informative along with full of interaction with each other. Got an opportunity to know more about the Placement and Resume in a very cleared manner. Thank you so much for this wonderful session. Hope to see you soon ma am..

Course : Certificate in montessori teacher training
Location : Bangalore
Posted On : 02-10-2022
The webinar was really useful. She helped us how to prepare our resume and video should be. It was very useful.

Gargi BiswasSaket
Course : Gargi Saket
Location : Pune
Posted On : 27-09-2022
Wonderful experience in terms of orientation and momentum needed after the TEFL course.It was very informative and presented in a very light hearted manner by Mr.Shounak. I am reassured that the much needed hand holding would be done til I take off. Regards Gargi

Devipriya Parthasarathy
Course : 120 Hours TEFL program
Location : Chennai
Posted On : 27-09-2022
Would like to thank and appreciate ACT and Mr.Shounak for having such a webinar as part of the course. The placement webinar was more informative, helpful and insightful. Especially for individuals like me from a non teaching background and skeptic about pursuing a teaching career this session instilled confidence. Great delivery by Mr.Shounak, his tips and tricks on resume building to attending an interview was highly informative and helpful. He was patient enough to pay attention to every individual s question and answer them diligently. Appreciate ACT and it s team for a wonderful guiding session like this. Wish to continue the same.

Aastha Dubey
Course : TEFL
Location : Madhya Pradesh
Posted On : 26-09-2022
The webinar was really helpful. I got to know about certain important steps.

Course : 120 hours TEFL TESOL
Location : klayan
Posted On : 26-09-2022
it was a very informative and great insight for a career as a teacher.

Shraddha vaidya
Course : Tefl
Location : Mumbai
Posted On : 26-09-2022

Arul Selvi Palaniappan
Course : 120 hr TEFL course
Location : Pudukkottai, Tamil nadu
Posted On : 26-09-2022
It was a really very informative session being a fresher, I got to know about the entire process. Also I got to know about the what to do and what not to do.

Course : TEFL , yltt
Location : Vijayawada
Posted On : 26-09-2022
Very informative n helpful

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